Healthy Families

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Program Components and Services:

Healthy Families is a nationally recognized home visiting program that helps young parents raise children who are safe, healthy and ready to learn.  Healthy Families Massachusetts is available to first- time parents who are under 21 and are either pregnant or have a child who is less than 12 months old.  GVNA HealthCare is the lead agency providing Healthy Families services in this area.  All services are free, voluntary, and confidential.

Healthy Families is an intensive home visiting program that provides weekly home visits until the child is at least six months old, bi-weekly visits until the child is two and a half years old, and monthly visits until the child turns three. 

Healthy Families provides the following to our participating families:

  • Pre-natal education and support
  • Information on infant and child development
  • Basics of baby care - sleeping, feeding, bathing, etc.
  • Child and home safety
  • Nutrition information for parents and child
  • Parent support and education group activities
  • Health and safety information for parents and children
  • Positive discipline techniques
  • Child developmental screenings and assessments
  • Toilet training information and support
  • Information about delaying a subsequent pregnancy
  • Connections to community resources such as housing, education, WIC, DTA, Early Intervention, child care, etc. as needed/requested

The program is participant -driven; each family chooses their own goals and areas of interest or need.  Each family has a Home Visitor assigned to them and they will develop a close working relationship over the years they spend together.  Both young mothers and fathers are encouraged to participate in the program.

Our Service Area:

Ashburnham... 01430
Ashby... 01431
Ayer... 01432
Barre... 01005
Bolton... 01740
Clinton... 01510
Fitchburg... 01420
Gardner... 01440
Groton... 01450
Hardwick... 01037
Harvard... 01451
Hubbardston... 01452
Lancaster... 01523
Leominster... 01453
Lunenburg... 01462
New Braintree... 01531
Oakham... 01068
Pepperell... 01463
Princeton... 01541
Rutland... 01543
Shirley... 01464
Sterling... 01564
Townsend... 01469
Westminster... 01473
Winchendon... 01475


Healthcare professionals, school nurses and guidance counselors, community service providers are encouraged to refer young families. Pregnant and parenting teens are always welcome to refer themselves as well. Once a referral is received, a home visitor will meet with the family so that they can develop a plan based on each family's unique strengths and personal goals.

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
7:30 am  to 4:30 pm

How to contact us:

Karen Culkeen, M.Ed
Healthy Families Supervisor / Coordinator
(978) 632-1230, Ext 3011 

Voice mail is confidential
Email Karen Culkeen


For more information about GVNA HealthCare and our services, please contact us, or for more immediate assistance, call 978-632-1230

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